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[Update] *DEAD*

As most of you have seen things have been dead around here for a while. My original estimation of getting everything done by January may have been too optimistic. As it stands it may take a little while longer so I'm pinning Someday's grand re-opening on March 1st.

Mostly it's just been trouble left and right. I still don't have my computer working yet and that's from lack of time and money. Plus real life is becoming serious business. I need a real job and soon. And at the moment circumstances prevent me from getting a second part-time job. So things are difficult at the moment.

Also to be completely honest I want to change things around here a lot. Not only just a new layout but perhaps a new system for posting, tags, etc. It may take a while to implement all the changes I want in addition to fixing the many many broken links.

So don't be surprised if things start looking a little odd around here.

Finally, I've put all the CDs I have and more on clearance here. If you can't comment feel free to PM me. Money goes towards getting Sarah's computer fixed. -__-;;
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[Update] Just watch the gif...

Life: 1
Sarah: -23,389

As you can see Sarah is losing the battle for her sanity. In fact her sanity has moved to Dallas. -____-;;

So insanity aside I hope everyone is having a good new years. I'm not but that's beside the point. So updates...right. The jury is still out on my computer because I haven't had the money in order to buy the things I need to fix it. Yeah. Darn student loan payments.

Hopefully I'll be able to update within a few weeks but it seems every time I try to get my entries together something else comes up.

However, I do want to get fresh start on things so I think I'll be re-doing the layout. I like this style but I miss using flexible squares. -__-;;

So other than that I've got nothing else to report except to please be patient with me while I try to get everything back in working order so I can once again work slowly. I may, now I'm not sure about this, but I may ask for people to actually join me in posting/up keeping Someday but that's something I need to think about for a while.

So, yeah, back to your normally scheduled lives.

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[Update] Indefinite Hiatus/Possible Closing

So as I was preparing to get back in the swing of things my computer, that I just bought a year ago in January, died. Like seriously. It won't boot up and attempts to restore it are all for naught. I don't know if either hard drive will work but I've ordered more recovery discs to see if there is still a chance it can be saved. If that doesn't work I'll have to scrape pennies together to buy a hard drive enclosure and try to see if I can salvage what's on my two internal hard drives.

To be honest I'm kind of numb. If I can't recover what's on those hard drives more that likely Someday will close. My entire music collection from six years of collecting (not just downloads but all my high quality rips from all the CDs that have passed through my hands) was on one of them. Not to mention my writings, videos, graphics, pictures, basically everything that was my life. By now I know the whole "it's just a computer and that stuff is just data" speech and while my practical mind knows that I'm still a very emotional crab.

So I've basically been a sobbing mess of a girl the past few hours. I really don't know what to do with myself.

If I can't get my computer back and running then more than likely Someday won't be updated for the six months it'll probably take me to get everything back in order to post. I'll try and keep you guys updated on developments. However, if you don't hear from me in a month assume that I've run away to die tragically somewhere. Or I've gone to sell a body part in order to buy a new computer.

Until then, my blueberries.

Edit: Thank you guys for all your kind words! I'd almost forgotten how incredibly fantastic you guys are and I'm certainly going to look into some of your suggestions. (Though luckily I don't have to pay to have someone look at it I can just bribe someone at work! :D )

Because someone asked here's the donation button again if you feel like tossing a dollar bill my way. Thank you guys again! I am determined more than ever to get Someday back up and running!

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[Update] Semi-Hiatus = Over

Yeah, so most of you have noticed by now I've sort of been not around. Luckily I should be getting back in the swing of things. I'm gonna be preparing three new releases entries one for each month I've sort of missed the past few weeks (so September, October and November).

I'll try to catch up with the entries I had planned to post starting in December. Mostly though things will probably continue to be slow around here. Some of you would have realized that I've been slowly gravitating to posting more indies artists however unlike a year ago I can no longer to afford to purchase what I would like to share especially given my circumstances. (Paying back student loans, trying to find a full time job, trying to get teacher certified, etc.)

So, yeah, more stuff coming soon.

By the way I'm going to tell all you guys first. Everything at ongaku_chunk is make an offer. Seriously, send me some low-ball offers and I'll probably say yes. I need to get rid of everything as I'm going to have start paying back on three loans at the same time in January. Ugh. Bleh. GAH!

Okay so back to your regularly scheduled lives.
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[Update] *sigh*

If you haven't noticed I've been MIA during last week and this. Last week was bad in I had a lot of real life things get in the way and then had my little sister end up in the ER in a manner eerily similar to what happened to me four years ago. So chaos reigned in our household for a while. I'm going to attempt to make up for it by getting the discographies I wanted to last week up plus that ever elusive new release entry.

Also I've added more things at ongaku_chunk, so feel free to browse.
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[Update] Again, my insanity knows no bounds...

I'm switching around the original schedule. Next week was to be the week I posts discographies but in order to accommodate some of the suggestions that you all made a few weeks ago. Next week will be films and such at thecrabshell.

The following week and last of October will feature discographies posted here and Halloween themed posts posted both at thecrabshell and audioleaf.

And yes, I'm still working on that thrice-damned new release entry. It should be up soon.
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[Update] Fail

Yeah, I missed a post yesterday. It was bound to happen. I've double posted today to make up. Remember that this week all the posts will be at thecrabshell. I'm still trying to get the new release entry done but I keep finding things to add so I get the feeling it'll be massive when it's done.

I should get it done soon but since I've been told not to be on the computer at work so much I have less time to do what I need to.

By the way, thank all of ya'll who donated. It was a big help!
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[Update] *cries*

Ugh! I'm sorry my blueberries but I must ask a favor. To make a long story short I ended up only getting half my paycheck from work, last week. because of bureaucracy and I'm short the needed funds for hosting.

Would it be possible to get some donations sent my way? Normally I'm okay but the universe conspired to screw me over. ;___;

In other news, I'm going to get that new release entry finished if it kills me!
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[Update] Whew.

Okay, my blueberries. This week is all about the Western music so most daily posts will be made over at audioleaf. There will still be Someday posts though. In particularly I've got a new release entry I need to get up soon.

Currently posted over at audioleaf:
Florence + the Machine discography & videography

Also, my blueberries I'm having some money troubles. Ugh. But I've finally got a new organized shipping policy for ongaku_chunk.
New Permanent Shipping Policy:
US Residents: 1 USD per CD to ship
Caps at 8 CDs. Any additional CDs ship for free

Overseas Residents: 2 USD per CD to ship
Cap at 5 CDs. Any additional CDs ship for free (limit 8 CDs total)

Please feel free to browse.
Clearance JPOP/JROCK
JPOP Magazines
Anime/Manga Merchandise

Now I go upload more.